SHDW & Obscure Shape

Launching their collaborative career in 2014, SHDW & Obscure Shape, otherwise known as Marco Bläsi and Luigi Urban, are at the forefront of a new generation of artists leading the resurgence of timeless techno. Presenting a maturity well beyond their years in both their production efforts and track selection, the duo have become firm favourites for the modern audience and yet still present as an untapped act, with the capacity to enter into the upper echelon of the beloved genre.

Multifaceted in their approach and commitment to the circuit, the pair feel equal comfort running in underground circles and global events alike; testament to their unbridled creativity and mass appeal. Deserving reflection from fellow peers has ensured their elevation to even great heights in recent years, with their productions proving commonplace among the touring playlists of dance music’s elite.

In 2015, the Stuttgart natives launched their first imprint From Another Mind, which came to fruition just one year after the birth of an event series under the same name. The FAM catalogue holds nine releases from its label heads to date, including the stand-out “Die Weiße Rose” EP; a four-tracker 12” which received critical acclaim from audiences and critics alike, and subsequently catapulted the duo into the next phase of their ongoing evolution. Two extensive remix compilations followed, with offerings from Rødhåd, Tale of Us, Dax J and James Ruskin to name a few. By 2016, Marco and Luigi had found their voice in the industry, with Groove Magazin selecting them as “Newcomers of the Year”. The accolade didn’t go unnoticed, as Rekid’s boss (Radio Slave) enlisted them for official remix duty on his track “Vision”, and later, his “Grindhouse” anthem. Earlier this year, the dyad celebrated the fifth anniversary of FAM with an extensive compilation album of SHDW & Obscure Shape productions. Titled “Versionen 008”, the anthology of re-works expressed the label’s vision to integrate contemporary sounds with vintage ideals, and featured an assortment of eclectic edits from the likes of Ø [Phase], Exium and Héctor Oaks, among others.

Deeply influenced by the cardinal cuts of techno’s rich history, the self-confessed perfectionists harbor an extensive anthology of records dating back to the ‘90s, which functions as a continuous source of inspiration for their artistic vibrancy. With an insatiable appetite for knowledge and growth at the epicentre of their flourishing career, dance music’s impetuous progression is a welcomed challenge for the talents, who’s mantra remains, ‘an artist who no longer surprises his audience is no longer an artist’

Now entering a new chapter in the SHDW & Obscure Shape saga, the duo prepare for the launch of their new imprint Mutual Rytm; their second venture within the label realm to date. The project will showcase a new dimension of scope for the pair who aim to channel the authentic perspectives of both established and up-and-coming talents through their platform. Navigating a new and diverse path for the electronic music landscape, the imprint will be a celebration of innovation, originality and diversity, with a focus on timeless cuts for the future development of house and techno. Continuing this same rich vein of form from behind the decks, the outfit welcomes a new residency at Fridas Pier, Stuttgart this year, which will no doubt act as a breeding ground for their panoramic and experimental strain of underground music.

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